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Who is Health & Wellness?

Quest Diagnostics Health & Wellness is the nation’s leading provider of biometric screenings and related health-improvement solutions. With the Blueprint for Wellness® solution, organizations can leverage screening insights delivered to employees in personalized participant reports, which identify chronic disease risks and provide individualized health-improvement plans.

At the end of each Blueprint for Wellness screening program, population-level reporting provides data-driven insights about an organization’s health status. These insights serve as a foundation to help guide planning for future benefit design and wellness initiatives. With Blueprint for Wellness, organizations move toward healthier, more engaged employees, and a reduction in healthcare costs.

Health screener

The primary responsibility of a health screener is to provide coverage in the field ensuring that health screenings and venous blood draws are completed accurately and on time. The health screener also ensures quality control checks on all equipment used in the on-site clinic; maintains a safe and professional environment for clients and employees; performs with confidence all aspects of a health screening, including specimen collection and processing duties, following established practices and procedures.

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What is per diem?

Per diem is Latin meaning “each day.” A per diem employee is someone who works on an as-needed basis, often less than what a full-time employee works. Quest per diem employees work for the companies who partner with Quest to provide Health and Wellness services. These employees staff employer events like biometric screenings, or may be ExamOne mobile examiners providing services for our insurance clients. Our per diem network consists of dedicated providers who understand our mission and demonstrate professionalism in the field. As employees, per diem employees have available support teams and access to a resource hub which provides additional guidance in maintaining excellence within their role.

Per diem employees are not eligible for the same level of benefits as part-time or full-time employees, though certain types of benefits are available. Per diem employees are not guaranteed a minimum number of hours per week and are not required to work a minimum number of hours per week.

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