Medical Technologist I- $4000 Sign On Bonus in Oklahoma City, OK at Quest Diagnostics

Date Posted: 6/10/2022

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma - Medical Technologist I - Oklahoma City 2pm-10:30pm Monday-Friday with rotating weekends

Main Duties: Performs routine testing in chemistry, hematology, urinalysis, serology, coagulation, molecular, and microbiology.  Assist with specimen processing as needed.  Follow employer policies.  Work with fellow employees in a professional, productive manner.  Perform instrument maintenance and troubleshooting.  Main responsibility will be duties in the clinical laboratory.  Additional duties will include assisting supervisor/manager with special projects/assignments.

Required Knowledge: Good understanding of laboratory procedures.  Ability to troubleshoot problems, to identify cause and synthesize alternatives.  Good communication skills.  Ability to react positively with coworkers.  Ability to use independent judgement to solve problems.  Good computer skills a plus.

Required Experience: AS degree in Medical Lab Technology or BS in Medical Technology.  ASCP MT/MLT certification or equivalent or be eligible for national MT/MLT certification.

Special Requirements: Ability to maintain a professional, courteous, and pleasant attitude in times of heavy workload and stress. Reflect the company’s values in all aspects of performance. Teamwork with fellow employees is a must.  Keyboard skills are important. Good customer service skills, professional appearance and attitude are required.  Must be willing to work overtime or other times/shifts if required.  This full-time position works 8 hour Evening shifts - Monday through Friday - with rotating weekends and holidays. Show up for work, on time and prepared to perform all tasks and processes, each scheduled workday and to remain performing those duties throughout the entire assigned work schedule for that day. Perform all tasks and processes assigned by your immediate supervisor including all tasks and processes you are fully qualified to perform, and all tasks and processes assigned that you may be over-qualified to perform. Perform the previous two job duties/functions as a collaborative member of your work team and with a personal disposition that is positive and supportive of your fellow team members.

Quest Diagnostics Job Responsibilities:

1. Follow the laboratory's procedures for specimen handling and processing, test analyses, reporting and maintaining records of patient test result;
2. Maintain records that demonstrate that proficiency testing samples are tested in the same manner as patient specimens;
3. Analyze specimens using approved testing procedures (see department SOPs).
4. Review and release test results.
5. Follow CLIA, HIPAA, OSHA, and safety guidelines as described in their respective guidelines.
6. Adhere to the laboratory's quality control policies, document all quality control activities, instrument and procedural calibrations and all maintenance performed;
7. Follow the laboratory's established policies and procedures whenever test systems are not within the laboratory's established acceptable levels of performance.
8. Identify problems that may adversely affect test performance or reporting of test results, correct the problems encountered or immediately notify the senior technologist or supervisor.
9. Document all corrective actions taken when test systems deviate from the laboratory's established performance specifications.
10. Follow department's procedure in reporting STATS or Critical results to clients.
11. If applicable, answer questions from customers or other lab personnel.
12. Maintain complete records of all testing performed on-site.
13. Maintain general appearance of the department.
14. Make sure reagents/test kits have received dates, expiration dates, and if applicable opened dates. 15. Review/train on new procedures.
16. Attend monthly department and any additional training/educational meetings.
17. Participate in all applicable safety training sessions. Know the location and contents of the safety manual. Know the location/use of all applicable safety equipment.
18. If needed, participate in government or regulatory agency inspections.
19. Perform other duties as directed by supervisor.


Education: BS in Medical Technology preferred; or BS/BA in Chemistry or Biology, or Associates degree in a Laboratory Science or Medical Technology, or Previously qualified as a Technologist under 42 CFR 493. 1433 published in March 14, 1990. Foreign educated candidates must provide a detailed credential evaluation from IERF (International Education Research Foundation). United States educated candidates must provide a detailed original transcript.

Work Experience: 1 year Clinical experience (high complexity testing) preferred. Minimum of 1 year of clinical laboratory experience in highly complex testing for those with BS/BA in Chemistry or Biology.

Special Requirements:
1. Must have the ability to establish work priorities and handle several procedures simultaneously.
2. Must interact with other departments.
3. Contact with clients may be required, good customer service skills are important.
4. Must protect patient confidentiality at all times.

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